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Who's Coming To The 50th? - Marlin Roberts

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As of Aug. 27, 2015, here's our reservation list for the Saturday evening, Party Like It's 1965 themed 50 YR. Reunion:

Alport, Barnett
Armour, Gary
Becker, Terry Hock               
Brimer, Barbara
Dolginoff, Howard
Ellis, Irene Beach
Emmett, Pat
Farmer, Carol Bussing
Flamm, Joan Pierce
Fox, Gene
Fox, Carol Ludwig
Franklin, Tom
Goodman,  Terry
Heath, Paul
Hodgins, Don
Holley, Penny Fray
Huber, Rick
Jarratt, Sandra Hunt
Karch, Mary Brennan
Kier, Richard
Lane, Glen
Lewis, Marilyn Bolling
Loos, Brian
Lutgen, Linda Wood
Lutgen, Ken
Lyman, Bill
Lyman, Sharon Canada
Mackey, Gwen Phelps
Margolin, Carol Trillin
Markowitz, Alan
May, Danni Comens
McPheeters,  Mike
Meise, Greg
Middlebrooks, Wayne
Morrow, Candy Caldwell
Myers, Marty Oliver
Natan, Jon D’veed
Niebaum, Mike
Oaks, Jan Garry
Rau, John
Ray, Donna Anderson
Rimel, Mike
Ritter, Barbara Bauer
Roberts, Marlin
Rock, Mort
Siewert, Linda Eicholz
Simmons, Karen Johnson
Sloan, Bruce
Smith, Connie Lakey
Smith, Steve
Strickland, Pam Hatfield
Swartz, Marc
Thompson, Terry
Urdang, Stephanie
Walker, Bob
Williams, Rick
Williams, Janet Cox
Wineinger, Joanne Bredeman
Wright, Betty Reed
Wright, Dennis
Youngblood, Harold



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