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2 hours ago 'Bagpipe lung' warning for wind musicians
Doctors are warning musicians to clean the inside of their wind or brass instruments regularly, to protect them from a fatal condition that's being called "bagpipe lung."
11 hours ago Debunking Zambia's prostate cancer myths
The lone Zambian voice trying to trying to raise awareness about the dangers of prostate cancer.
Yesterday Transplant patient: 'My third face'
Patrick Hardison, the volunteer fireman who underwent the world's most extensive face transplant, on his new-found hope.
Yesterday Parental guidance
Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools announced the birth of their fifth child over social media. But along with the pictures of the little bundle came the news that their two eldest daughters were there to watch their mum give birth.
Yesterday Brazilian butt lift
After the pioneer of the derriere-enhancing cosmetic procedure dies, we take a look at his legacy.
Yesterday Zika linked to baby joint deformities
Zika infection during pregnancy may cause limb joint deformities in the baby, experts now fear.
Aug 24 Face transplant patient: 'Now I have hope'
Patrick Hardison, the volunteer fireman who underwent the world's most extensive face transplant, on his new-found hope.
Aug 24 Life at two speeds
Kidulthood star Adam Deacon describes how he is learning to live with bipolar disorder, and takes advice from Stephen Fry.
Aug 23 Potent pills
With ecstasy, or MDMA, being bought more freely on the dark net, the drug is growing in popularity - and in strength.
Aug 23 HIV effort let down by test shortages, says WHO
A shortage of HIV testing could undermine global efforts to diagnose and treat people with the infection, warn experts from the World Health Organization.
Aug 23 Question of time
The BBC's Tulip Mazumdar returns to Sierra Leone to meet Ebola survivors and look at how well the country is equipped to handle future health crises.
Aug 23 Antrim Area Hospital: Man says human rights 'violated' by DNR order
A County Antrim man who was unaware that a "do not resuscitate" (DNR) order had been placed on his medical file says he feels his human rights have been violated.
Aug 22 Could mouthwash combat gonorrhoea?
Gargling with simple mouthwash might be a way to halt the spread of gonorrhoea, researchers believe.
Aug 22 Life as an obstetrician in a war zone
In a video diary for the BBC, an Aleppo obstetrician performs an emergency caesarean section during one of the city's many power blackouts.
Aug 22 Toxic shock warning: Toddler lost legs after misdiagnosis
A mother is keen to raise awareness of toxic shock syndrome after her son's case was misdiagnosed as tonsillitis.
Aug 22 Pfizer to buy cancer drug firm Medivation for $14bn
US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer confirms it will buy a cancer drug firm Medivation for about $14bn (£10.7bn).
Aug 22 Living in fear
Argentina is one of the world's largest exporters of genetically-modified soya. It's big business, but some local residents fear herbicides used by the industry could be making them sick.
Aug 22 Multi-million pound Alzheimer's study announced
A new study aims to detect the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease before a person has any obvious clinical symptoms.
Aug 21 Smallpox eradication 'giant' Donald Henderson dies at 87
US doctor Donald Henderson, who led a successful campaign to wipe out smallpox worldwide, has died at the age of 87.
Aug 21 Greece bans blood donations in 12 districts over malaria - reports
Twelve districts of Greece have banned blood donations because of malaria, with four out of 65 recent cases contracted inside Greece, Greek media report.
Aug 21 Saving lives in Aleppo
One of the few doctors remaining in Aleppo reveals how medics and civilians face death in the city on daily basis.
Aug 20 Brain's thirst circuit 'monitors the mouth'
Scientists observe activity in the mouse brain which can explain why we get thirsty when we eat, and why cool water quenches thirst more quickly.
Aug 19 Haiti cholera epidemic caused by UN troops, say experts
The UN has finally acknowledged it played a role in an outbreak of cholera in Haiti in 2010 that has since killed about 10,000 people in the country.
Aug 19 Parkinson's could potentially be detected by an eye test
Researchers say they have discovered a new experimental method of observing changes in the eye, which could detect Parkinson's disease before symptoms develop.
Aug 19 Funky and fumigated
Residents and visitors of Miami's Wynwood neighbourhood react to an "unprecedented" travel alert.
Aug 18 Wigan council takes new approach to tackle child obesity
Wigan council is taking a new approach to tackling child obesity by inviting children with weight problems on an eighteen month fitness programme that teaches them about being active and eating well.
Aug 18 Alastair Campbell: My brother’s struggle with schizophrenia
Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell has spoken about his brother who’s died aged 62.
Aug 18 Life as a young carer: 'People rely on you more'
Saskia speaks about her experience of life as a young carer looking after her father and how family life is adjusting to the situation.
Aug 18 Mother describes how her son needed morphine for chickenpox
Mother Sarah Allen calls for free chickenpox vaccinations after her toddler had the "worst ever case".
Aug 16 Golfers have unusual hips, study suggests
Professional golfers are likely to have oddly shaped hip joints, researchers have discovered.