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2 hours ago Refugee doctor
When 15-year-old Waheed Arian arrived in the UK from 1990s Afghanistan, he was told he would probably become a taxi driver. Some years later, he started a degree at the University of Cambridge and has now set up a scheme where British doctors advise medics in Kabul via Skype.
2 hours ago Women's mental health needs 'not considered adequately'
Women's mental health needs are "not being considered" despite rising rates of suicide, campaigners warn.
2 hours ago Four in 10 children not going to dentist, NHS figures show
More than 40% of children in England did not see a dentist last year, NHS statistics show - a figure the British Dental Association says is embarrassing.
2 hours ago Poor food 'risks health of half the world'
As the population grows over the next 20 years half the world will be left malnourished, an independent panel of experts on food and agriculture warns.
2 hours ago Body fat link to bacteria in faeces
The make up of the bacteria found in human faeces may influence levels of dangerous fat in our bodies, say researchers from King's College London.
Sep 23 Could Irish spider venom cure diseases?
Venom collected from two species of Irish spiders has potential medicinal properties, say university researchers.
Sep 22 Project Zuckerberg
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife want to tackle all diseases by the end if the century. Just how feasible is this aim?
Sep 22 What a button battery can do to a child's throat
Medical correspondent Fergus Walsh demonstrates what can happen if a button battery gets lodged in a child's throat, after a warning from surgeons over the dangers.
Sep 21 Popular pill
Lots of people take glucosamine to help them with pains in their joints, but is there hard evidence that it improves things?
Sep 21 Zuckerberg and Chan aim to tackle all disease by 2100
Facebook's founder and his wife aim to cure, prevent or manage all diseases by the end of the century.
Sep 21 Survival secret of 'Earth's hardiest animal' revealed
A gene from an almost indestructible microscopic creature could provide "radiation shield" for human cells, scientists find.
Sep 20 First head transplant by 2017, claims surgeon
Professor Canavero says he's a year away from transplanting a head onto a totally different body and has lots of volunteers from the UK who want it done.
Sep 20 Smoking is at a record low, so why do people still do it?
Smokers say stress keeps them in the habit, as smoking rates in England hit a record low
Sep 20 Survival secret of 'earth's hardiest animal' revealed
A gene from an almost indestructible microscopic creature could provide "radiation shield" for human cells, scientists find.
Sep 20 'No proof' fitness trackers promote weight loss
Wearing an activity device that counts how many steps you have taken does not appear to improve the chances of losing weight, research suggests.
Sep 20 GlaxoSmithKline names Emma Walmsley as chief executive
GlaxoSmithKline appoints Emma Walmsley, its current head of consumer healthcare, as its new chief executive.
Sep 20 Teenage cannabis use rises in Europe - EU Espad survey
Teenage cigarette and alcohol use is declining across Europe but the numbers using cannabis are growing, an EU survey shows.
Sep 20 Designer dozing
Scientists in Cardiff are working on ways to improve health, creativity and emotional well-being using "sleep engineering".
Sep 20 Orange secret
Bold health claims have been made for the power of turmeric. Is there anything in them, asks Michael Mosley.
Sep 20 Life and death test
Early diagnosis of disease is literally a matter of life and death, so the race is on to produce cheaper, faster, lighter kits to help doctors and nurses in the field.
Sep 20 Lancashire man performs DIY operation on himself to remove suture
A man performs a minor operation on himself to remove a suture left in his body during surgery, accepting it was reckless.
Sep 20 NHS watchdog issues sexting advice
Any child or teenager sending explicit images or messages on texts and emails is cause for concern and should be monitored, new guidelines for schools and health professionals in England advise.
Sep 20 Miami's Wynwood district declared free of Zika virus
The Miami district where the first locally transmitted Zika cases in the US occurred has been declared free of the virus.
Sep 19 How emergency services rescue obese people
Training exercise shows how emergency services cope with obese people who get stuck in their homes.
Sep 19 Smiling with sadness
The black women using art to talk about mental health.
Sep 19 St John's Wort 'stops emergency contraceptive pill working'
Women taking an emergency contraceptive pill containing levonorgestrel are being advised to check the ingredients of other medicines they are taking because they could stop the pill working.
Sep 19 Cervical screening 'could save hundreds more lives'
Hundreds more cervical cancer patients' lives could be saved if all eligible women went for screening, says a study published in the British Journal of Cancer.
Sep 19 Fire service rescuing more obese people across UK
The number of obese people being rescued by fire services because they are too large to move on their own rises by more than a third over the past three years in the UK.
Sep 18 Bright light 'increases sexual satisfaction in men'
Exposure to bright light can lead to greater sexual satisfaction in men with low sexual desire, a new study suggests.
Sep 18 Glass of beer 'makes people more sociable'
Researchers in Switzerland confirm what most people already know - drinking one glass of beer can make people more sociable.