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1 hour ago Tattoo troubles 'relatively common'
A small survey in the United States finds 10% of people have skin reactions after getting a tattoo.
1 hour ago Breast cancer 'alters bone to spread'
Breast cancers can change the structure of bone to make it easier to spread there, a study finds.
10 hours ago Kenya payout over birth control
A Kenyan court orders a private hospital to pay $48,000 (£31,000) to a woman who became pregnant despite having a contraceptive implant.
Today Excess caffeine health warning - EU
Drinking more than five espressos worth of caffeine a day may be damaging to health, according to the European Food Safety Authority.
Today VIDEO: Vicar who contracted HIV after attack
Reverend Hayley Young who contracted HIV through a non-sexual attack speaks to the Victoria Derbyshire programme.
Today Brain injury: Stories of changed lives
Stories of lives changed through brain injury
Today The myth of bad British teeth
The myth that British teeth are bad
Today 'Cancer made me want mashed potato'
The strange effects of cancer on appetite
Yesterday Nepal quakes: Treating the spinally injured
Treating the spinally injured
Yesterday VIDEO: Why campaigners are giving toys disabilities
Toy Like Me campaigner Rebecca Atkinson explains why parents of children with disabilities want to see a new generation of toys bringing greater diversity to the playroom.
Yesterday VIDEO: Can this app help teach surgeons?
The app which allows trainee surgeons to practice medical techniques
Yesterday Guineans jailed over Ebola taxi body
Six Guineans are put into prison isolation and will face trial for violating the health emergency after moving the body of an Ebola victim in a taxi.
May 25 Teen obesity 'link to bowel cancer'
Being overweight or obese in adolescence is linked to a greater risk of bowel cancer later in life, a study suggests.
May 25 VIDEO: Smart knife identifies brain tumours
Researchers at Imperial College London are developing a device that could allow neurosurgeons to instantly identify cancerous brain tumours.
May 24 Canadians face midwife shortages
A Canadian province's dire shortage of midwives
May 23 Depression makes heart failure worse
People with heart failure must be screened for signs of depression and offered counselling, scientists say.
May 22 Brain-reading implant controls arm
A man has been able to control a robotic limb with a mind-reading implant in his brain.
May 22 Quarter of skin cells 'on road to cancer'
More than a quarter of a middle-aged person's skin may have already made the first steps towards cancer, a study suggests.
May 22 VIDEO: Why measure feet with iPads?
The Clarks shoe company started using iPads to measure children's feet last year, and it's all about capturing invaluable foot data.
May 22 How dangerous are treadmills?
The dangers of using treadmills
May 22 NHS should welcome 'citizen whistleblowers'
Why the NHS should listen to people who see something amiss
May 21 'Rosetta Stone' for prostate cancer
Scientists have unveiled a comprehensive genetic map of advanced prostate cancer, hailing it as the disease's "Rosetta Stone".
May 19 Fighting HIV where no-one admits it's a problem
The country where the number of people with HIV is soaring
May 19 The perils of contact lenses
Some of the infection risks, and the dos and don'ts
May 19 Stepping Hill nurse jailed for life
Nurse Victorino Chua is jailed for a minimum of 35 years for murdering and poisoning patients at Stepping Hill Hospital.
May 19 VIDEO: Did killer nurse fake qualifications?
Greater Manchester Police say the investigation which led to Victorino Chua's arrest and conviction was one of the the biggest and most complex it has ever carried out.
May 19 VIDEO: The Filipinos who make fake diplomas
Detectives investigating the killings at Stepping Hill Hospital flew to Victorino Chua's native Philippines, where their investigation has cast serious doubt over his medical qualifications.
May 19 Mentally ill 'sent home unprepared'
Pressures to free up mental health beds may be leaving vulnerable people at risk, says a watchdog.
May 19 'Home-brewed morphine' made possible
Scientists have figured out how to brew morphine using the same kit used to make beer at home.
May 18 Nurse guilty of murdering patients
A hospital nurse who used insulin to tamper with medical supplies is found guilty of murdering two patients and poisoning 20 others.