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 Saturday, August 6, 2016 - Margaux Diaz 

How to Take Care of Skin in Your 30s?

Earlier 30s may bring about numerous unexpected alterations, both in women and men. Your attributes may solidify, you will discover yourself in the getting ending of comments such as, " you don't need to smile just as much any longer " or even you may feel anxious and frequently, shot straight down.

The 30s are allowed to be that time of your daily life whenever you have been in total manage through your relationships, most likely on the right track whenever it relates to work, contain a substantial bank balance plus are attune to some pleased and satisfying life. However, life performs the terrible joke and carries out a real elegance bouncer. In easier terms, THIRTY is usually the age whenever you begin to notice the skin, looks and body change. In addition to a few circumstances, this particular transformation is not your superior, except if you start getting additional cautious.

Skin Problems in your 30s:

All those initial deep scars set out to come out. Transforming faint lines close to the eye into entire offered crow's feet (also called character lines or laugh lines). In a few deplorable conditions, acne opts to produce a return right after teenage years or even it can show up for the first time. This particular trend is known as 'adult acne' and it is hormonal in females. Harm through previously beach holidays and sunburns start to seem as blotchy pigmentation, and you all of a sudden appear to have saggy and dull skin.

Skin lightening cream is being the very best solutions for lowering hyperpigmentation and also darker spots.

Hormones are the most significant contributing factors to issues, specifically in females. Nearly all hormonal transformations commence about the age of THIRTY. Whenever woman reproductive hormones stages continue to taper away and cause hair thinning and unwanted skin problems. Some human progress hormones start to fall that brings about enhanced busting of collagen creation, providing the method to a droopy and dull skin. In EIGHTEEN, growth hormone stages are about NINE HUNDRED, however, through the time you are THIRTY, these people fall to TWO HUNDRED. Males no longer undergo to skin troubles, however, drop sufferer to men pattern hair loss because of alterations in testosterone and DHT.

Everybody is likely to notice a few types of modification in their 30s caused by hormonal imbalance, yet, people who engage in cigarette smoking, drinking, tanning no longer work out frequently and eat poorly, the issues are about to become significantly more severe.

Exactly how to appear fantastic in your 30s:

To remain beautiful via your 30s and following, stick to these types of eight primary ways:

1. Cleaning:

Clean the skin every single morning and sure to get rid of almost all make-up and clean yet again before bed time. This particular enables the skin to execute its vital renewal and protective features nicely.

2. Exfoliate:

Exfoliate during the night instead of in the day. Overnight skin is in restoration function and eliminating dead skin before bedtime improves the skin’s functionality. Exfoliate softly, simply to get rid of dead skin and in case, the skin is greasy, or even you have gained acne after that exfoliating two times weekly must be adequate.

3. Safeguard:

Preserve the skin throughout the day through mixing vitamin C serum or an antioxidant serum with sunscreen as these enrich one another. Make sure to utilize the sunscreen very first.

4. Remain hydrated:

Ensure that the skin is not dehydrated. Do not expand over Five minutes in the shower and use warm water. Start using moisturizing body rinses as works as the protecting moisture hurdle for the skin.

5. Sunscreen:

Put on sunscreen with full range UVA or even UVB sun defense each day of the year, like upon cloudy winter days and raining days. UVA sun rays are “slower ages" that stay continuous all through the year.

6. Hydrate:

Apply in gorgeous extreme apricot oil or even moisturizing body cream every day right after showering upon the somewhat wet body for any hydrated, healthful skin.

7. Consume water:

Drink lots of water to additionally remain hydrated inside. Include lime or lemon juice to have an additional improvement. Consume the health and fiber-rich diet plan and exercise for at least 15-20 minutes every day.

8. Remain stress-free:

Apparently which less complicated stated compared to carry out, however, involving a hobby of one’s selection performs miracles for the skin.

 Thursday, August 4, 2016 - Margaux Diaz 

This Summer be Free; Follow These Tips

Everyone wants to have a beautiful skin. However, most people make mistakes that cost them their beautiful skins. From lack of proper knowledge on how to take care of the skin, to sunscreen mistakes, skin care mistakes are endless. To ensure you avoid these mistakes and have a beautiful skin this summer, here are some important tips to remember as well as some sunscreen errors to avoid.

1. Not using enough sunscreen

Most people make summer sunscreen mistakes that end up costing them dearly. In most cases, they make these mistakes unknowingly. For instance, most people don’t have the idea on the right amount of sunscreen they should apply on their body. Experts recommend around ounce or an amount that can fill a single shot glass. In addition, it is important to re-apply after swimming or a lot of sweating to ensure that you are 100% sun protected.

2. Using old sunscreen bottles

This is another summer sunscreen mistake made by many people. A considerable number of people assume that an old sunscreen bottle they used some years ago can still offer sun protection. This is a misconception that should be avoided at all costs. If you have a sunscreen bottle that you used some years ago, please don’t use it this summer. This is because the ingredients used in the manufacture of sunscreens tend to become inactive as time goes by. For this reason, old sunscreens are ineffective and should never be used for sun protection purposes.

3. Not giving your sunscreen sufficient time to be absorbed

Once you have applied sunscreen on your skin, it is advisable to give it sufficient time for it to be absorbed by the body. Most people make summer sunscreen mistakes of swimming immediately or heading outdoors after they have applied sunscreen on their skin. This is a terrible mistake that should be avoided. Consider giving your skin sufficient time after applying sunscreen to absorb sunscreen’s active ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Usually, wait for about 30 minutes after you have applied sunscreen before heading out.

4. Failing to protect the lips

Most people apply sunscreen on their bodies, but forget to protect their lips as well. Others assume that their lips will be just fine without sunscreen protection. Just like any other part of the body, the lips need to be protected from sunlight as well. The harmful UV rays from the sun can cause adverse effects on your lips if you don’t protect them. Consider buying lip balm that offers SPF protection. In case you take part in water activities such as swimming, consider buying a lip balm that is water resistant and has a SPF of 15.

5. Missing the important areas

In most cases, people assume that they have effectively covered all their body parts with sunscreen. However, this is usually not the case and they might end up missing a few parts here and there. Some of the most missed areas include toes, ears, neckline and collarbone. If these areas are not covered, they can be burnt by the sun. In addition, not covering the important areas can increase skin cancer risk.

6. Failing to properly spread the sunscreen spray

Another common sunscreen protection mistake is failure by most people to spread sunscreen spray. Usually, sunscreen spray needs to be spread across the entire body surface by effective rubbing. This ensures that the spray is evenly distributed throughout your body reducing the possibility of sunburn. If you fail to spread your sunscreen spray, you might end up having areas that don’t have sufficient coverage and this increases the risk of cancer.

7. Failing to utilize the SPF contained in skincare products

Most people don’t understand the importance of SPF found in most skincare products. This means that they don’t put SPF into consideration when using their skincare products. It is prudent to bear in mind that, SPF together with your sunscreen are designed to make sure that you are effectively protected from sunburns. Consider checking whether the sunscreen you use offers SPF protection. Note that, most moisturizer versions offer SPF protection of up-to 30. It is always advisable to use skincare makeup and products that provide SPF protection.

 8. Failing to use their sunscreens during cloudy days

During cloudy days, UV rays can as well get to your skin and cause damages. For this reason, consider applying your sunscreen all the time not forgetting cloudy days. In addition, make sure you apply your sunscreen on body parts that have been covered by clothes. Most sunscreen protection mistakes can be avoided if proper sunscreen protection is observed.


Sunscreen protection is important because it reduces the risk of getting skin cancer. Usually, this condition is caused by sunburns from sunlight’s UV rays. Consider observing these sunscreen protection tips to stay safe this summer.

 Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - Margaux Diaz 

Choose the Best Skin Care Routine According to Skin Type 

Selecting the right skin care routine for your skin starts with understanding your skin type. Skin types are determined genetically, but selecting the correct skin care routine for your body and face is crucial to care for the health of your skin, look after yourself and slow down the ageing process. Generally, there are five common skin types, oily, dry, normal, sensitive and combination. One great way to know your skin type is by blotting a clean tissue early in the morning on your face.

Knowing Your Skin Type

A normal skin has a great circulation of blood, thus there won’t be any traces of sebum on the tissue. Normal skin is generally smooth even the skin tone. On the other hand, oily skin will leave blots of oil on the tissue especially from the nose, forehead and chicks. This skin type possesses overactive sebaceous glands, thus producing more oil than normal skin. Oily skin may be caused by diet, hereditary factors, pregnancy, hormonal levels, stress and unsuitable cosmetics, which may lead to acne and enlarged pores. Thus it is highly advisable to clean the skin thoroughly with soap free cleansers.

Dry skin type has a lower level of sebum and doesn’t maintain sebum easily. This skin type is mostly flaky and will feel tight immediately after being wiped. Rich protective moisturizers and gentle cleansers for dry skin are essential for controlling the tight and uncomfortable feeling associated with dry skin. It might be advisable to change your moisturizer according to the seasons. Another common skin type is the combination skin. Combination skin normally produces oil around the T-Zone of the forehead and nose. The most suitable skin care for this skin type involves the treatment of each of these regions separately.

Finding a Skin Care Routine

Normal or Combination

Skin which tend to be oily on the T-Zone and then dry on the cheeks, thus you will be required to choose a product with a dual function. When it comes to cleansers, use a gentle non-soap wash or a mild glycolic acid, which is not going to strip away so much oil. Ideally, these cleansers will assist in the eradication of dirt and cells, which are trapped in the pores. The best day lotion for normal or combination skin is a featherweight oil moisturizer which an SPF of 15. The ideal night lotions should consist of alpha hydroxyl acids or retinol which will assist you to unclog the pores and also improve fine lines.

Oily Skin

The main goal for oily skin is to ensure that the pores are clear and they do not over dry which often leads to rebound greasiness. However, you should not forego moisturizing products. Individuals with oily skins should consider using power brushes. The most recent power versions of power brush normally come with pads, which have been infused with a salicylic acid cleanser which will prevent breakouts. Despite the fact that oily skin does not require extra lotion, it will still require a wide range of sunscreen and moisturizer for oily skin throughout the year.

At night, you should use retinol cream to firm up the skin and dry up the sebum. Retinol creams are highly preferred because oily skins are normally hard and will tolerate almost all potent ingredients. The occasional blemish can be treated with either a lotion or gel that contains salicylic acid. The gel or lotion will help pimples heal much faster and also absorb the surface oil.

Dry or Mature

To take care of this type of complexion, you should use as much moisturizer as you can because your skin does not produce enough oil. Additionally, the moisturizer will repair any age related damage i.e. discoloration or wrinkles. When selecting a cleanser for this skin type, be sure to select one with rich and creamy formulae and then smooth on it with a wet wash cloth. To brush away any spots or wrinkles, use a cream that has a humectant such as ceramides. Topical retinoid is ideal for evening out the tone and also plumping the wrinkles. However, topical retinoid can be drying thus be sure to start out slowly.


If your skin is usually irritated easily, then you need to take extra care when selecting and using skin care products. Choose products that contain very few ingredients such as fragrance free and also offer soothing hydration. The ideal day lotion should be a moisturizer that contains sun-blocking minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Night treatment for sensitive skins should be skins with antioxidants such as pomegranate and green tea.


As tedious as it may be to develop an ideal skin care routine based on our skin type, one thing is for certain, it all begins and ends with moisturizers. We may skip the toner or the serum from time to time, but irrespective of how we feel we will always apply our night creams. With that being said, be sure to come up with a skin care techniques based on your skin type.

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