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 Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - Margaux Diaz 

Choose the Best Skin Care Routine According to Skin Type 

Selecting the right skin care routine for your skin starts with understanding your skin type. Skin types are determined genetically, but selecting the correct skin care routine for your body and face is crucial to care for the health of your skin, look after yourself and slow down the ageing process. Generally, there are five common skin types, oily, dry, normal, sensitive and combination. One great way to know your skin type is by blotting a clean tissue early in the morning on your face.

Knowing Your Skin Type

A normal skin has a great circulation of blood, thus there won’t be any traces of sebum on the tissue. Normal skin is generally smooth even the skin tone. On the other hand, oily skin will leave blots of oil on the tissue especially from the nose, forehead and chicks. This skin type possesses overactive sebaceous glands, thus producing more oil than normal skin. Oily skin may be caused by diet, hereditary factors, pregnancy, hormonal levels, stress and unsuitable cosmetics, which may lead to acne and enlarged pores. Thus it is highly advisable to clean the skin thoroughly with soap free cleansers.

Dry skin type has a lower level of sebum and doesn’t maintain sebum easily. This skin type is mostly flaky and will feel tight immediately after being wiped. Rich protective moisturizers and gentle cleansers for dry skin are essential for controlling the tight and uncomfortable feeling associated with dry skin. It might be advisable to change your moisturizer according to the seasons. Another common skin type is the combination skin. Combination skin normally produces oil around the T-Zone of the forehead and nose. The most suitable skin care for this skin type involves the treatment of each of these regions separately.

Finding a Skin Care Routine

Normal or Combination

Skin which tend to be oily on the T-Zone and then dry on the cheeks, thus you will be required to choose a product with a dual function. When it comes to cleansers, use a gentle non-soap wash or a mild glycolic acid, which is not going to strip away so much oil. Ideally, these cleansers will assist in the eradication of dirt and cells, which are trapped in the pores. The best day lotion for normal or combination skin is a featherweight oil moisturizer which an SPF of 15. The ideal night lotions should consist of alpha hydroxyl acids or retinol which will assist you to unclog the pores and also improve fine lines.

Oily Skin

The main goal for oily skin is to ensure that the pores are clear and they do not over dry which often leads to rebound greasiness. However, you should not forego moisturizing products. Individuals with oily skins should consider using power brushes. The most recent power versions of power brush normally come with pads, which have been infused with a salicylic acid cleanser which will prevent breakouts. Despite the fact that oily skin does not require extra lotion, it will still require a wide range of sunscreen and moisturizer for oily skin throughout the year.

At night, you should use retinol cream to firm up the skin and dry up the sebum. Retinol creams are highly preferred because oily skins are normally hard and will tolerate almost all potent ingredients. The occasional blemish can be treated with either a lotion or gel that contains salicylic acid. The gel or lotion will help pimples heal much faster and also absorb the surface oil.

Dry or Mature

To take care of this type of complexion, you should use as much moisturizer as you can because your skin does not produce enough oil. Additionally, the moisturizer will repair any age related damage i.e. discoloration or wrinkles. When selecting a cleanser for this skin type, be sure to select one with rich and creamy formulae and then smooth on it with a wet wash cloth. To brush away any spots or wrinkles, use a cream that has a humectant such as ceramides. Topical retinoid is ideal for evening out the tone and also plumping the wrinkles. However, topical retinoid can be drying thus be sure to start out slowly.


If your skin is usually irritated easily, then you need to take extra care when selecting and using skin care products. Choose products that contain very few ingredients such as fragrance free and also offer soothing hydration. The ideal day lotion should be a moisturizer that contains sun-blocking minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Night treatment for sensitive skins should be skins with antioxidants such as pomegranate and green tea.


As tedious as it may be to develop an ideal skin care routine based on our skin type, one thing is for certain, it all begins and ends with moisturizers. We may skip the toner or the serum from time to time, but irrespective of how we feel we will always apply our night creams. With that being said, be sure to come up with a skin care techniques based on your skin type.

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