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Welcome to Borger's Booker T. Washington School and Alumni website. Visit the photo galleries and enjoy remembering our old School, friends and families of the community. Welcome to "The Flats".

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  August 3 W L's Birthday
  August 6 R. DeLana's Birthday
  August 6 Happy Birthday DeLana Cofield
  August 7 Baby Jimmy's Birthday
  August 7 Happy Birthday Jimmy Hall Jr.
  August 11 Happy birthday Artist Branch
  August 22 Happy birthday Mrs. Melba Faye Brooks-Loftis!!
  September 2 Eddie Marie (Tiny) 's Birthday
  September 2 Happy Birthday Roger L. Tillmon
  September 2 Happy Birthday Eddie Marie Sherwood (Tiny)
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 The B. T. W. Gazette newsletter # 73
The B. T. W. Gazette newsletter # 73 - Forrest Craig
                                       THE B.T.W. GAZETTE 
                                   Home of the BTW Dragons 
                                          and the Dragonets
 VOLUME NO. 73                                                     JUNE - JULY 2016 

                      Borger's Booker T. Washington school 
                 Historical Marker Dedicated on June 14, 2013 
                                     Congratulations to
          The Booker T. Washington School web site 
                                    July 12, 2016 
The Borger, Texas Booker T. Washington School’s Historic web site was established on March 5, 2009 a little over 7 years ago. We wish to express our thanks to those of you who have supported this web site over the years with your visits, guestbook comments, comments in the Discussion/Back in the day sections and e-mail messages. 
Today July 12, 2016 we celebrate 1,000,000 visits to the site. Once again we say thanks for your support over the years and look forward to your future visits. Leave a message in the guestbook as your additional tribute to this milestone and place membership if you are not a member; it’s free.
                                          July 27, 2016
                                  BTW School web site
                                          Visits update
As of July 27. 2016 the BTW School web site is averaging 1,200 visits per day. Wow that's great!!! Thanks for dropping by!!
                             Declaration Of Independence
                                            July 4, 1776
                                     Happy July 4th 2016
                                     Frederick Douglass
             "The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro"
Frederick Douglass delivered 'best Fourth of July speech in American history' in Rochester, New York July 5, 1852
Click on the following link to read his speech:
                                    by Langston Hughes
                                     I, Too, Sing America
                                   I am the darker brother. 
                         They send me to eat in the kitchen 
                                    When company comes,
                                              But I laugh, 
                                             And eat well, 
                                         And grow strong.
                                        I’ll sit at the table 
                                   When company comes. 
                                 Nobody’ll dare Say to me,
                                      “Eat in the kitchen,” 
                             They’ll see how beautiful I am
                                        And be ashamed........ 
                                       I, too, am America. 
                                           June 19, 2016
       Juneteenth in the Borger African American Community 
                      Borger News Herald Juneteenth Article 
                               Late 1940s or early 1950s
                                           provided b
                              Mrs. Lavella Keeling-Wilson                                 
                                                                                             June 19, 1900
                           Happy Juneteenth June 19, 2016 
June 19th is National Juneteenth Day. This special day is celebrated as the date that slavery ended in America. The rumors of freedom were widespread prior to this but the actual emancipation did not come until General Gordon Granger came to Galveston, Texas and issued General Order No. 3, on June 19, 1865 almost two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation dated September 22, 1862. June nineteenth is recognized as a state holiday or special day of observance in most states. 
                                       Notice for the 2017
                     Booker T. Washington School Reunion
                                            June 6, 2016 
I received a message today from Mrs. Georgia Sauls Hughes concerning the 2017 BTW School reunion. She asked me to post the following information in The BTW Gazette newsletter: She said that the dates for the 2017 Booker T. Washington School reunion are June 9 & 10, 2017 and she asked us to mark our calendars.  
         The 2017 Borger Booker T. Washington School Reunion 
                                              May 26, 2016 
At our 2015 Booker T. Washington (BTW) School reunion we voted to continue having the reunions in Borger. Well it’s time for us to start planning for the 2017 reunion because we have about 12 months before it’s that time again. 
In recent years when I start planning to attend a BTW reunion, I've noticed that I immediately start to think about how it won’t be the same without those BTW Dragons/Dragonets, and teaching staff who are no longer with us. I have to quickly check myself and remember the reason for having reunions of the past and future is to celebrate the history of Borger’s Booker T. Washington School, the Alumni, an opportunity for us to contribute to the scholarship fund and to remember the old African American community in Borger, Texas. 
This event also offers an opportunity to celebrate Juneteenth while we are at it. 
I feel that those BTW Dragons/Dragonets, BTW teachers and members of the old community who are no longer here would want us to continue celebrating our history. As long as the Lord blesses us with health that will allow us to travel, we plan to be in attendance. 
With that being said, we would like to encourage everyone to come on out and join the 2017 BTW reunion celebration. We’ll probably start hearing from the BTW Reunion Committee soon. I’m sure there will be enough on the agenda to keep us plenty busy for those two or three days in June. We are looking forward to seeing every one in 12 months in Borger if it’s the Lord’s will. 

                                      Happy Memorial Day
                                            May 25, 2016
                                       September 10, 2015 
                                      Mr. Thomas Wilson's 
                                      Facebook BTW page 
Check out Mr. Thomas Wilson's Facebook page that he started on June 1, 2015 "Booker T. Washington School, Borger Texas, your memories." Thomas started the page to get us talking about our memories of growing up in Borger, Texas and attending school at BTW. He said "We all have memories of BTW in Borger. We should share them before they are lost forever." 
It's a fun page to visit; so go ahead, check it out and share your memories while you still can. 
Thanks Thom for such a fun page to visit. 
                                            February 19, 2015 
                 Where was the first African American Settlement 
                                       located in Borger, Texas? 
I posted the following information on this site in June of 2013 in the " Early African Americans in Hutchinson County/Borger" section. I discovered today that I forgot to include the 1928 Sanborn map of Borger that show the location of the African American community at that time. 
The first community where African Americans lived in Borger was on the West side. I've seen it written that "Due to demands for development and expansion of the West side by the Borger School District", most of the African American community was forced to move to the North side in 1929 to an area known as "The Flats." The following statement was provided by Mrs. Cleo Morrison on 6/14/2013 concerning where the original African American community in Borger was located: "Look at Sheet # 1 of the 1928 Sanborn Map of Borger. I had to enlarge it to 400% to be able to read the wording but that is the corner of 10th and Cedar where the Edward Jones building is today. That is just across highway #207 where the old Davis Chevorlet Business use to be". 
Sheet # 1 of the 1928 Sanborn Map of Borger was provided by Mrs. Cleo Morrison and is posted below. Click on the PDF below to see the map. Enlarge it to 400% and look to the far left, you will see a section of town listed as "Colored Settlement." As Mrs. Morrison stated; this was across the road from the old Davis Chevrolet company. 
This information is also posted in the "Early African Americans in Hutchinson County/Borger", click on the link in the above directory to go there. 
                                           THE WAY WE WERE 
                          Let me remember the trees and laughter 
                                             On a day in Spring 
                     I see a painted Canvas of loved one’s dancing 
                                At Holiday’s so giving and caring 
                                    Wedding’s so gay and happy 
                                    Those were the way we were
                                    I remember a voice so gentle 
                      And a spirit with wonder so heartfelt and true 
           I can see with my eyes, brothers, sisters and a family too 
                                   I sat on the porch or firescape 
                          Watching the rain or birds flying through 
                                    Those were the way we were 
                 When the clouds look as though they are moving 
                                  And trees whisper in the breeze 
                                     God’s Art always follows me 
                          As six hands play ring-around-the-rosey 
                                      And when we all fall down 
                            This moment in time will stay with us 
                                Into the twilight I look at the stars 
                           They seem to go on forever, so very far 
                                          This is the way we were 
                                 Never forget how we once lived 
                               God has taken the one’s who died 
                              Always remember the happy times 
                             And through them, we see ourselves 
                                     Then into butterflies we fly. 
                                            by Linda Ann Henry 
Click on The B.T.W. newsletter archives above to catch up on what you may have missed. 
Donate to build a gazebo at Cofield Park/Com Cntr. Contact Mr. Raymond Loftis or Ms. Estella Willis for information at: Estella says that so far they have collected several hundred dollars and welcome additional donations. Donate to the Scholarship fund; contact Mrs. Georgia Hughes for more information.
." role="button" aria-label="from stephanie hughes" data-action="contact-card-menu" data-name="stephanie hughes" data-address=""> 
                                       NOTICE March 10, 2014 
Copy the following link (the familylobby link) and save it in case you are unable to enter the Borger BTW school website at the link listed at the bottom; we recommend the use of the familylobby link at all times: ;
The following link will not always take you to the BTW website; use the above link should that happen: Thanks, 
We're having a membership drive for this site! Place membership now.

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Sam Houston Jr. High (Former BTW students) grades 7-9, 1957.
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 2011 9th BTW Reunion
A few members of the community.
 Family & Friends
 The Craig/Branch/Young/Mills/Reece/Lewis & Hooks Family
 The Brown/Smith,Slone/Robinson and other related families.
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BTW reunion 2013 Part 2

Added May 2 by Thomas Wilson

2013 BTW Reunion

Added Apr 8 by Thomas Wilson

February 24, 1991 Interview with Mr. R. G. Cofield

Added May 20 by Forrest Craig

Coyote visits Thomas' home near downtown L. A.

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BTW Reunion 6/19/2009

Added Jul 5 by Thomas Wilson
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The B. T. W. Gazette newsletter # 73
Added Yesterday by Forrest Craig

Added Jul 9 by Forrest Craig

Message from Mrs. Cofield
Added Jul 5 by R. DeLana Cofield

Barack Obama wins election for second term!!!
Added Jul 5 by Forrest Craig

Barack Obama; first black president of the USA.
Added Jul 5 by Forrest Craig
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Momma Flossie's Down Home Recipes cook book.
Cook Book
Added Dec 11 by Forrest Craig

Added Dec 19 by Forrest Craig

The Real Pound Cake
Added Apr 25 by Mary Jane (Poochie) Tillmon-Penns

Side Dishes
Added Apr 24 by Larisa Taylor-Reeves

Side Dishes
Added Apr 24 by Larisa Taylor-Reeves
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Forrest Craig - Jul 13
Thanks James Wilson!!
James Wilson - Jul 13
WOW now thats impressive 1,000,000 visits to a site for a small black school in Texas. keep visiting the site. good job Forrest
Forrest Craig - May 26

Our 2017 Borger Booker T. Washington School reunion is just right around the corner. Would you believe that we have a little over 12 months before it's that time again if it's the Lord's will. So start planning to be in attendance in June 2017. It probably won't be long before we start hearing from the BTW Alumni school reunion committee. We are praying that the Lord blesses us with good health that will allow us to travel to Borger and attend the reunion. We are looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family. Drop us a note here in the guestbook section and let us know what your plans for attending the reunion are.
Forrest Craig - Jun 2, 2015
Thanks Mrs. Clara Brown Trimble for your message. I'm going to enter it in the Guestbook of our web site so that others can also enjoy your message. Look forward to hearing from you again. Please give our regards to your uncle.

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