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 A World of Difference

Kelly Miller Circus: A World of Difference

The many faces, voices and activities of Kelly Miller Circus take the spotlight in a new video “Kelly Miller Circus: A World of Difference” a 41minute documentary that features circus performers, superintendents and workers talking about circus life while you're watching them do their jobs.

Kelly Miller Circus: A World of Difference Includes our friends: Rebecca Ostroff; Gene Hembree; Carolyn Rice; Mike Rice; John Moss III;
John Ringling North II; Gustavo Perez; Fridman Torales; Alejandro Romero;
Lamount Dais; Armando Loyal; Jim Royal; Tavana Brown; Danny Brown;
Nicolas Souren; Hector Perez; Oscar Perez; Marshall Eckelman; Jill Jones; Dave William; Aaron Rider; Al Rawlins; John Sayre; Clara Sayre;
Jeremiah Cook; Ryan Easley; Abraham Gebre and Amini & Zaini.

Kelly Miller Circus: A World of Difference is available at no charge for showing at local organizations and schools. The documentaries are being sold for $20 each through the Circus City Museum, which will receive $10 of each sale for our museum, and $7.50 will go to cover costs of production and $2.50 is for shipping and handling.

Kelly Miller Circus: A World of Difference is available at select Angie's Circus City Diner. If that is not convenient you may contact Larry Moore direct. Larry may be reached anytime by email, larrywm44@myway.com, or between 5 and 8 pm by phone, 580-579-7511.
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