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CIRCUS CITY - Hugo's Circus History and Traditiion

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 Want to Run Away with the Circus?

Run Away with the Circus

Did you always want to just take off and join a circus? This is your chance. The Kelly Miller Circus offers you the chance of a lifetime. A week or two with a real American Tent Circus. Working, traveling and eating in the cook house with a working circus just like in the movies. Help "At Risk" Children learn life skills and build a museum for a tax deductible donation to the Circus City Museum and Park Inc. One highlight could be a 2 day engagement on Kelleys Island. Yes, an actual island in Lake Erie, the entire circus crosses to the island by ferry boat.

This is a fundraiser, transportation, fuel and lodging are not provided, and an RV is suggested. You and a friend or your family will travel, work and eat with a working circus and its animals. The proprietor of Kelly Miller Circus is John Ringling North II, grandson of the famous Ringling Circus Family.

Your Donation is Tax Deductible. Dates will coincide with Kelly Miller Circus scheduled performances around the USA in 2015.

For further information contact: Circus City Museum and Park Inc.
Through Jim Royal, 580-326-9229, or Lila Swink, 580-326-5591.
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