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Welcome to Cooks Creation website! We bake Homemade Scratch Desserts, that are guaranteed to satisfy your tast buds.
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 Homemade Scratch Southern Cakes
Cooks Creation
Cooks Creation makes variation of homemade scratch and customized cakes from family recipes passed down.  We use very finest and freshest ingredients for our cakes for cakes to develop the best texture, most moistness and tasty cakes.  The cake are over three pound and size is 9 inches yields about 18-20 slices.
Because our cakes contain no preservaties to retain their freshness and flavor for up to 2 weeks must be refrigerator, especially in an airtight container, or freeze thecake in an airtight container up to 12 months!.
Our customers love the crunchy crust on top of the pound cakes and enjoy the sweet and moist texture of  our pound cakes.  By request, we can sprinkle the pound cakes with powdered sugar or top with our highly requested and loved cream cheese frosting.
Cooks Creation
Boston, MA 02126
                      $25.00                          $35.00
         Cream Cheese Pound            German Chocolate
         Lemon Cake                         Carrot Cake
        Strawberry Cake                    Sweet Potatoes Cake
        Pineapple Sweet Cake            Red Velvet
                                                      9"            6"
        Sweet Potatoes                  $6.00         $3.00
        Pecan                                $9.00          $4.50
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Cooks Creation

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