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Welcome to The Genealogy Network Family Lobby website!
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 Internet Genealogy Groups - Surname Database
Surname Search in Genealogy Groups - a database of surnames found in over 18 genealogy groups.

If you are a genealogy group owner and would like to add your group surnames to the database you may register or contact Genealogy Network for more information on how to add your group names and link.

Registration is NOT required to view the data.  Registration IS required to add group surnames or group links.
 The Genealogy Network Family Lobby
This site was created today!  What do you think of it?  Do you have any suggestions for improvement? If so please visit the discussion board and post a reply in the Suggestion Box.
You can view other genealogy related sites on The Genealogy Box link at the top of the page. There are links to various group, genealogy blogs, genealogy networks and more!    
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