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 Saturday, May 1, 2010 - Jessica MansfieldAll Journals 
We have been having so much fun with sports!
 Cole is playing BASEBALL and Carter is playing SOCCER!
Cole loves to play catcher. He loves everything about baseball except for out-field! It is not fun for any kid to just stand there waiting for a ball that may or may not come to them!
Soccer is going well. Nick is Carter's coach, They are having a lot of fun. Last week he got to play in the rain and get all muddy!
Cole came home with a great progress report yesterday so we took the family to the Greenville Drive game!
We all had a great time! The boys had so much fun. To top it off the game ended with FIREWORKS!
Cole & Carter loved to stand here to watch the game!
 Carter was handed a game ball!
Carters class  hatched  butterflies.
Here Carter is setting them free!
Thanks to G-Gama Sue & G-Gpa Frank Coles class will be able to do the same starting on Monday! He is so excited!
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 Here are a few pictures from Cole's first Baseball game!

 Carter watching Cole practice
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