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 Zachs 5th B-Day
We celebrated Zach's birthday on November 8th. We had it at Greenfield Park. He got a lot of stuff. Everyone had a great time! There was a lot of sand to clean up at home! Thanks to everyone who made it!
 Fall 2008
This fall has been a lot of fun. We took the boys to Kawanis park to play in their Halloween play area. We also had fun dressing up in lots of outfits at home. We went to Boo at the Zoo on the 25th. Zayne had fun giving the characters High Fives. The pumpkin patch was also a lot of fun for them to play in. The boys went to the block party. Zach was Boba Fett and Zayne was a Jedi Master, he even had a clone trooper challenge him to a battle. It was really cute to see him play with his light saber with the other kid. They enjoyed playing the games and eating cotton candy, cupcakes, nachos, hotdogs and candy! They had fun with their cousins Lily, Sofie, and Lucas.
 Summer 2008
Summer was full of fun. We pretty much just hung out and stayed out of the heat. Grandma and Grandpa Brewer came to vistit over Labor Day. Zach got to go to his first baseball game with Jon, Grandpa Brewer, and Uncle Dave.
 Spring 2008
This Spring has been full of fun. Zach and Zayne had a great time during Easter decorating Easter Eggs. Since it was great weather we like to spend time outside and the boys like to color with their sidewalk chalk and play on the Water Table. Zach's preschool had a Trike-a-thon to raise money for St. Josephs Childrens Hospital. They raised almost $30k. It was a lot of fun to watch Zach on his Scooter! For Memorial Day weekend our plans were changed because it decided to SNOW in Pinetop. So we went to Fountain Hills Park and to the Zoo trying to make the most out of our long weekend. Thanks goodness School is over for now. I decided to take the summer off. I got A's in both of my classes so I was excited about that. I went to a book signing for Stephanie Meyer for her book the Host, which was a lot of fun. Other than that nothing too exciting. Not looking forward to the HEAT!
 Zach and Zaynes New Pix
Easter Pix of the boys. I think they turned out really good. We had a good time taking them!!
 Zayne's 1st Birthday
Zayne turned 1 on March 2nd! He was a little sick but he had a great time! We were so lucky to have so many friends and family join us.
 Some oldies of Zach but Goodies
I love these pix of Zach. They show how he has always been so silly.
This Christmas the boys were quite good and Santa gave them a lot of presents. Zach wanted Transformers and Santa gave him a big Optimus Prime that talks, a BoneCrusher, a Jazz, and a Devastator. He also ended up with some mini Transformers that seem to be his favorite. Zayne got some cars and some baby musical instruments. Grandma-pa Brewer got Zach a Diego in a helicopter and Zayne a little puppy dog. Grandma-pa Parker got Zach a big army tank with some army guys and Zayne a Snail that has letters on it that plays music. Grandma Jones also sent the boys some gifts that were a big hit. She gave Zach some cars and a mat and Zayne a little Kitty that walks and meows. Santa came to Grandma-pa Parkers house again this year. The cousins must have all been good. Zayne was afraid but big brother Zach knew just what he wanted to tell Santa he wanted "a BIG BoneCrusher Transformer." That is all he wanted. It is a good thing Santa brought it, or Zach may have been disappointed.
 Bath Time Together
Zach and Zayne love bath time together.
 February 2008
 Happy Valentine's Day 2008!
Zach had a great time at his Pre-Schools party!
 Zaynes 1st Haircut
 Getting Ready for Christmas 2007
 Zach December 2007
 Fountain Hills Park Thanksgiving 2007
 Fun at Home
 Zach's Bday
Zach's 4th Birthday. It was a Transformers Theme!
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Time For Fall..........
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THESE ARE GREAT! We all need a good laugh!
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February 16, 2008
Zach had a Valentine Party at School.  It was really cute.  He had a really good time.  Zayne is getting so big.  His dad gave him a buzz cut the other day.  I must say he does not look like a little baby any more.  School for me is good.  Can't wait to be done like always!
JANUARY 10, 2008
Well Zachy has officially started Pre-School, and he loves it.  He is doing so good.  He never cried or threw a fit.  I am so proud of him.  Yesterday he brought home an owl he made out of a brown lunch bag.  It was very cute.  We are working on his lunch habits.  But I am sure he will start to eat what the other kids are eating.  School starts for me on the 22nd.  I am excited to get started again.  This semester should be really easy for me.  Other than that work is going well.   Just a little slow.  I hpe the market picks back up again!  Jon started his new position and so far he seems to like it.  Zayne is now 10 months old.  I can't believe where the time has gone.  He is just such a joy to have around.  He loves to growl at everything and loves to blow raspberries.  He now has 6 teeth with 2 more coming in.
JANUARY 2, 2007
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Well we made it through another year.  I can't believe how quickly 2007 came and went.  Zayne is almost 1 and Zachy is starting Pre-School on Jan 7th.  We went to Lakeside over the New Year weekend.  Zach had a lot of fun playing in the snow.  Zayne, however did not like the snow. Christmas was a fun time.  Zach was very excited that Santa brought him lots of presents, "including Zayne's presents which he took over".  My School starts on 2 weeks.  Only 7 credit hours, so it should be easy.
DECEMBER 14, 2007
Well Christmas is just about a week away.  I think that Zach's list keeps growing by the day.  He has

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