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Time For Fall.......... - Heidi Parker

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Well, it has been forever since I have updated our page.  I must say Summer went by way too fast.  I wish I could say we did a lot of fun and wonderful things, but we mostly just stayed home and hung out.  Now that school has been back in for over a month we are falling back into our old routine.  Zach loves his pre-school.  He is getting so big.  I can't believe he is almost 5.  I started back to school and can't wait to be done with my AA degree!  Finally, I will have something to show for all of my effort.  Jon is still doing well at his job.  He likes it there.  Work for me is fine.  I just wish the housing market would pick up so I would have more to do.  Zayne is getting bigger each day.  He loves to tease his big brother.  He and Zach love to have sword fights with eachother.   It ususlly ends with Zachy crying though.......  I am sure it is taste of what is to come as they get older.  Once I get our USB port figured out, I will post some of our latest pictures as well as copy of Zach's school picture.  I just need to scan one in.  Other than that just waiting anxiously for Halloween my favorite holiday!  The boys are planning on being Batman and Robin.  So that should be fun!



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