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Welcome to Family Lost and Found, the place to come for help in finding family and keeping track of them so they don't get lost again!
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The goals of this site are to:

share stories of our ancestors
personal experiences in researching
new research discoveries
keeping notes and records (public and private)
helping others in their research
breaking through brick walls
success stories
sharing life experiences
creating friendships
building your family tree, etc.

 It Runs In My Family
I stumbled across this site yesterday, where you can create your family medical history and keep it online for easy access worldwide, email it, or print it out . The site is It Runs In My Family.

 Canada 150 Project
The Canada 150 Project's goal is to have 150,000 Canadian family histories to add to the Library and Archives in 2017, Canada's 150th birthday. The Olive Tree Genealogy blog has further information for those interested in participating. The Project website is Canada 150 Project.
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It Runs In My Family
Added Jun 10 by Earline Bradt

Welcome to
Added Jun 6 by Earline Bradt

Canada 150 Project
Added Apr 10 by Earline Bradt

Genealogy on Youtube
Added Apr 4 by Earline Bradt

Flash Intro??
Added Mar 26 by Earline Bradt
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Norma - Mar 22, 2009
Great looking site - love the pictures - I still have a lot more exploring to do, but so far, I like it.
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