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 Thursday, August 28, 2014 - Greg JohnstonAll Journals 

The Fall Of The Leaf

The lazy mist hangs from the brow of the hill,
Concealing the course of the dark-winding rill;
How languid the scenes, late so sprightly, appear!
As Autumn to Winter resigns the pale year.

The forests are leafless, the meadows are brown,
And all the gay foppery of summer is flown:
Apart let me wander, apart let me muse,
How quick Time is flying, how keen Fate pursues!

How long I have liv'd-but how much liv'd in vain,
How little of life's scanty span may remain,
What aspects old Time in his progress has worn,
What ties cruel Fate, in my bosom has torn.

How foolish, or worse, till our summit is gain'd!
And downward, how weaken'd, how darken'd, how pain'd!
Life is not worth having with all it can give-
For something beyond it poor man sure must live.



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 Pastor's Corner

Then he called his disciples and said to them, "Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury. (Mark 12:43 NRSV Bible) 

The widow's offering in our scripture reading today said that she believed in the work of God. The work of the temple was important to her and she wanted to support it. Doubtless, it was with pleasure that she dropped in her coins for she knew she was part of something bigger than herself. 

You know why people of limited means support TV evangelists? You may feel like I do about TV evangelist. I think they offer an impersonal religion and ineffectively use people's gifts. But people who support them feel that they are part of something important something far bigger than they are. 

There is a certain dignity about being able to give to something you believe in. It says that we are not simply takers but we are givers. We are all born with this need to give. There was a reason that the widow spent her last few coins on the work of God rather than on herself. Perhaps she had discovered that valuable secret of her need to give, and she found peace in her giving. I hope each one of us will also find that peace.

Lord Jesus, you have given so much of yourself to me. Help me to give in such a way that I will find the peace of fulfilling my need to give. Amen. 

Ron Newhouse

 Spring in Scotland
 What's New

13 things to like about fall even if you don’t feel like it


It almost seems as if somebody is trying to pull a fast one.Ending summer like this already.

Next week is Labor Day and I thought it was still more or less spring. 

I haven’t gotten tired of green grass and leaves on the trees and have we even had the 4th of July yet? 

I seem to remember some celebrations and firecrackers but surely I must be remembering wrong. 

Apparently, I’m not.  School is starting and that can only mean one thing: fall.

So I’ve tried my best to think of some positive things about the fall of the year and here they are. 

- If you like orange, this is your time of year. The whole world is orange. And this includes fashions. Orange really is the new black and it’s been that way for years if not decades. You hear it every autumn: “Orange is going to be big this season.” Like it wasn’t last year. Still, if you like orange... 

- If you don’t like orange, there’s always brown and beige and let’s be honest, those will likely be the only colors you’ll see until next summer.

 Isn't He Wonderful!

Isn't He Wonderful!

Isn't He Wonderful!
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