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 Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - Greg JohnstonAll Journals 

Good news folks

Visit our NEW Church Store located
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It's an Amazon Store So you know it's good

Spend time with your children this summer... And with Jesus, too!

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 Pastor's Corner
I am somewhat saddened by some news delivered me this day. Our adventure together began when Skipper Jensen and myself formed a simple website we called THE CHURCH LADIE RECIPES! Skipper and I rejoiced when our very first 1,000 mark was hit, then 5,,000, 10,000, etc. God truly blessed our simple and very humble beginning! We never charged for anything! Skipper... do you remember when we reached one million people served? Well church, we are just days away from another milestone...two million visitors. That's correct, 2,000,000! Praise God Almighty for blessing our humble endeavor and thank God for each of you who visited and kept coming back because God met a need you had. Then on Facebook we continued growing with the CHURCH LADIE RECIPIES idea and it has taken off with zeal! CHURCH LADIES 2 WAS NEXT And just recently THE CHURCH LADIE followup to our regular website was about to be announced! We even have a cook book for Breakfast and Brunch! AND a cook book! Now for the sad news...our original site published on the Family Web site is having to close for good and so THE CHURCH LADIE will have to find another site! Please be in prayer for Skipper, myself and the millions of those who found a home with us. Any suggestions? Just let us know, please, You have been very much loved God bless you all, we will NOT CLOSE just keep your eye open ... we have until Sept 17, thiar!

May 19th 
Which is the earnest of our inheritance.—
Ephesians 1:14

A POOR woman once told Rowland Hill that the way to heaven was short, easy and simple; comprising only three steps—out of self, into Christ, and into glory. We have a shorter way now—out of self and into Christ. That is heaven begun below—a little of what waits us over there.

 RecipesAll Recipes 
 May 22 CHEESE ON THE COB, Greg Johnston
 May 17 APPLE CHOW CHOW, Greg Johnston
 Apr 26 Three Pepper Quesadillias, Greg Johnston
 Apr 19 ALOHA CHICKEN, Greg Johnston
 Apr 17 Cheese-Stuffed Grilled Peppers, Greg Johnston
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